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School Wireless

​Schools – and the teachers and children in them – are constantly active, moving and travelling. We know that teaching is so much more than sitting at desks in a classroom. Our wireless survey of your school will tell us how you move about each classroom and the building as a whole, where you need access to screens, printers and servers and how many devices – from tablets to desktops, printers and scanners – you’re likely to have connected to your wireless system at any one time. Then, we want to offer you fast, robust and reliable connectivity wherever you are in the school and even if the whole school is using the system at the same time.

If you’re re-designing your school’s space, or building new classrooms or even a whole new school, we’ll work with your architects to consider how to optimise the school wireless connectivity to make sure it’s not only robust for now, but as future-proof as possible too.

We offer the following Wireless Network services:

As part of our wireless service, we’ll visit your school and work with you to establish what connectivity you need and where. Our wireless survey will tell us the coverage and scope of the network, and where you need printers, workstations and scanners. If you have remote workers, we’ll look at how to make sure they benefit from your wireless solutions too.

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